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[Sticky] Belkin Repair Service USA

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Need a repair for your Belkin product? Request repair service conveniently from Belkin Service Center USA, a quality-driven service line that can support all your Belkin products that need repair. Their best-in-class technical staff and expertise make them one of the USA's leading repair service providers for all Belkin devices. Their services include logistics, diagnostics, and repair. 

Post queries in this Repair Service Center forum about Belkin Service Center USA or the Belkin Service Center Near you. We also welcome your experiences with the Belkin Authorized Service Center you visited for your Belkin product repair.

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Hi myself Maxijack and I am from New York. I bought a Belkin Snap Shield for MacBook Air (11-Inch Case)product and need to know how to claim my Belkin warranty in the USA? I hardly used it. Some people have complained that the service is really slow, and I wish I had learned about it sooner! I would like to know about the warranty and get in touch with an experienced technician who can answer all my questions

Tony Stark
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I have been using Belkin SOUNDFORM™ Noise Canceling Earbuds for over 7 months. It is very awesome and the sound quality is very good. But some days I am facing Earbuds connectivity problems on My IPhone 13 pro. I called the Belkin service center and they told me that we will connect you soon. One week has gone but they not contacted me and not resolved my problems. If you know any third-party repair service center in the USA, Please Suggest me?

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Hey, I have been using Belkin BoostCharge Wireless Charging Stand 15W since last year. I keep seeing this "Realign phone for faster charging" message. I checked on Ampere and it says 1660ma on average, So I assume it's fast charging without the Pixel Stand. Any Suggestions? 


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Hi All,

I have recently purchased a new N750 wireless router for our Fire Station.
The station has an existing broadband modem/router which is what I want to plug the N750 into. I tried this last week and could not get it to link to the modem. I am guessing that the N750 may have the wrong IP settings, which is still the default, and the modem/router (haven't checked yet) may have a different IP setting. Could this be the problem? I used the install disk and I could not get the software to find the N750. I could however see the N750 with my smartphone and I was able to get into the admin settings screen. To be honest, I am lost with this one.

Please any advice would be grateful, and then I can install this in our station and have it working.