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[Sticky] Kodak Repair Service USA

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Need a repair for your Kodak product? Request repair service conveniently from Kodak Service Center USA, a quality-driven service line that can support all your Kodak products that need repair. Their best-in-class technical staff and expertise make them one of the USA's leading repair service providers for all Kodak devices. Their services include logistics, diagnostics, and repair. 

Post queries in this Repair service center forum about Kodak Service Center USA or the Kodak Service Center Near you. We also welcome your experiences with the Kodak Authorized Service Center you visited for your Kodak product repair.

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My Kodak 6.1 Hero has thrown me an error message 3520 unable to detect the paper edge. I have looked through the internet and can find nothing except make sure the correct paper/paper is loaded properly and I've selected the correct paper size (A4).
Any info or advice would be appreciated.

Davis smith
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Hi, I am Davis Smith, hailing from New York, USA. Why is my Kodak ESP C310 AIO printer leaking ink? Kodak will no longer answer any questions about this printer, and I cannot find any repair services that will check it. Please suggest the best Kodak repair service center in the USA.

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Hi Guys,

I'm new to the forum. I explore a bit of analog photography in recent months and I do struggle. I have been using Nikon FM2 with a 50mm pancake lens (E Series) and Recently I bought Kodak Porta 160 and took some shots with it

The light was very good (e.g. 1st photo) but all pictures are very grainy. Is it possible that I really underexposed it? It's all strange in such a good light I had.

I was wondering if it could be because of bad scanning or maybe a bad working meter. Kodak Porta 160 is known to have a very fine grain. I was expecting much better quality. Any suggestions to deal with this problem?