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[Sticky] Gateway Repair Service USA

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Need a repair for your Gateway product? Request repair service conveniently from Gateway Service Center USA, a quality-driven service line that can support all your Gateway products that need repair. Their best-in-class technical staff and expertise make them one of the USA's leading repair service providers for all Gateway devices. Their services include logistics, diagnostics, and repair. 

Post queries in this Repair Service Center forum about Gateway Service Center USA or the Gateway Service Center Near you. We also welcome your experiences with the Gateway Authorized Service Center you visited for your Gateway product repair.

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Hello, I have a Gateway laptop NV53 (now Acer) that has a broken motherboard. This laptop is a model NV53 and is about Two or three years old. I tried going to multiple repair shops but I could not find any original parts for my laptop. Can anyone suggest me a good service center where I can replace my old laptop motherboard with an original gateway motherboard (I reside in Miami, Florida)   

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I'm using an outdated Gateway PC. Every time I switch on the computer, it first displays the startup screen before flashing a black screen and requesting the system password. You are unable to access anything, including the BIOS. The machine has an E-4610s processor and runs Windows XP Professional. I've tried turning it on without the CMOS jumper, but it still requests the password. Please let me know if you have any solution regarding this issue.

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Hello, I am Alex Mars from New York City. I Have a Gateway Laptop ne56r. Past 3 to 4 days my laptop Battery has been consuming More Power. Which affects my work and I don't know How do I change the battery in my Gateway laptop? If anyone knows any repair service center please suggest it to me.