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[Sticky] Vaio Repair Service USA

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Need a repair for your Vaio product? Request repair service conveniently from Vaio Service Center USA, a quality-driven service line that can support all your Vaio products that need repair. Their best-in-class technical staff and expertise make them one of the USA's leading repair service providers for all Vaio devices. Their services include logistics, diagnostics, and repair. 

Post queries in this Repair service center forum about Vaio Service Center USA or the Vaio Service Center Near you. We also welcome your experiences with the Vaio Authorized Service Center you visited for your Vaio product repair.

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Davis smith
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Hello Sir, I am Davis Smith, live on Woodland Avenue in the United States. I have a Sony VAIO E SVE1513CYN laptop (Core i3 2nd Gen/2 GB/320 GB/Linux). The motherboard has a short circuit. Which is the best shop in the United States for repairs? The Vaio Service Center does not take any service calls. Please suggest me the best Vaio repair service centre in the USA to solve my Vaio laptop issue.

Tony Stark
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Hello, My name is Tony Stark. I am from New York, USA. I am using a VAIO Laptop Model named SE14 11th Gen i7. When I tried to connect my VAIO Laptop to my printer but the laptop did not show any printer device name in the option. I tried multiple times and restarted my laptop again and again but I was unable to connect my VAIO Laptop to my printer. The VAIO Service Center does not take any service calls. How can I resolve these issues?

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My name is John . I have a Vaio laptop model Sx12 which is out of warranty. My laptop display is broken. I want to repair it but I don't know How much it costs to replace a screen on a Vaio laptop. If anyone knows any third party repair service center please Suggest me.

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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-CR240E laptop and recently learned that my chipset does actually support Hardware-assisted virtualization (Intel Centrino Duo T7250). I run a lot of virtual machines, so having this enabled would be great. However, the problem seems to be that Sony, for some reason, removed that option from the BIOS and officially claims that "it isn't supported" when it in fact is, just not enabled. It's definitely supported, there's just no way to enable it by default. I have come upon a solution online, however, it involves modifying the BIOS itself, which if done incorrectly can ruin any computer, which I cannot afford to do. Can anyone assist me in doing so?

Thank you all in advance,