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You have access to a broad selection of printers from HP, and you are free to select the ones you want based on your needs and preferences. Their printers, whether laser or inkjet, are effective for both home and office use. HP is without a doubt one of the leading manufacturers of printers. However, it still has some issues that can be easily fixed by obtaining the correct information from reliable sources. We’ll talk about Error 55, which is the most frequent one, and how to solve HP printer error “code 55” in this blog. An error message will show up on the LCD if your HP all-in-one printer abruptly stops functioning.

Error number 55 is a frequent problem that might make your job take longer. Therefore, knowing how to fix HP printer error code 55 is crucial.

Error Code 55 is the most often reported issue. Most users are unaware of the root of this issue. On the other side, a purge counter reset usually takes care of the problem. The HP printer trouble code “error e51” will be discussed in this blog post along with all potential issues and fixes.

Factors Responsible for HP printer error 55

  • Defective toner cartridges might change the output if multiple or different cartridges are used.
  • Damage to fiber optic cables, including nicks and kinks
  • Output tray breakdown included roller
  • Laser PCA Defective Scanner Fault: The Laser Scanner Assembly has been broken or jammed. Power supply error.
  • Updated software that leverages unsupported or pirated software

Let’s have a look at all Possible Solutions for error 55

Occasionally, your printer may issue an error message like “Error 55” after inserting a brand-new cartridge. It may show “Printer cartridge not detected.” on your computer screen. Your printer may not detect ink or toner. A message such as “cartridge error,” “HP cartridges locked,” “cartridge protection enabled,” or “HP ink cartridge not compatible” may appear on an HP printer. a notice stating “no cartridge installed,” “cartridge not recognized,” or something similar on your printer.

Steps on How to Fix Error 55 in HP printer cartridges-

  • Do not leave any cartridges outside for longer than 30 minutes at a time when cleaning them.
  • Have lint-free swabs on hand, as well as a paper sheet on which to store your cartridges.
  • To open the cartridge access door, press the Power button.
  • Pressing the front tab while simultaneously unplugging the power cord will allow you to release the cartridge. The cartridge may then be raised and removed from its holder.
  • Check for any buildup of debris or ink on the electrical contacts, which are typically copper in color and located on the bottom.
  • In a similar manner, clean them with the swab.
  • Look inside the slot for the four-pin, copper-colored electrical contacts.
  • Once they have been cleaned, replace the cartridge in its slot, making sure that the arrows are pointing down.
  • Put the printer’s power cord back in place, close the access door, and press the Power button.

By following the above steps, you will most likely get rid of your HP errors, but if you are still facing them, you can follow the next step.

Next Step: Get your Printer a Hard Memory Restart

  • Take out the old cartridge, then put the new one in its place. Spend ten minutes doing anything else while stepping away from your printer.
  • Re-install the fresh cartridge after replacing the old one. Check to check if your printer now recognizes your new cartridges. These two procedures alone frequently cure the problem.
  • But if you’re still having issues,
  • Eliminate the fresh cartridge. Make sure it’s in a spot that won’t damage the surface or the cartridge by being dirty or unsafe.
  • Using the printer’s power button, turn it off.
  • your printer from the wall outlet.
  • Since some printers can stay in sleep mode if you merely turn off the power button on the printer control panel, it is crucial to do steps 4 and 5 individually.
  • For around ten minutes, leave your printer in this position.
  • Reconnect your printer to the wall socket, but hold off on turning it on just yet.
  • Put the fresh cartridge in.
  • Press the printer’s power button.

If the error continues, jump to the next step.

Make the Metal Connections Clean.

The metal contacts, which are typically visible on one side and the back of an ink or toner cartridge, resemble a flat piece of copper, metal, or even a circuit board (please note that some ink cartridges have no contacts at all). The steps are as follows:

  • Cut off and unplug your printer’s power (for inkjet printers ignore this step as cartridges must be removed before powering off)
  • Your toner or ink cartridge should be removed with care, then set aside on a flat surface where it will be secure.
  • Search for the metal contacts in the cartridge.
  • Look for the connection point inside the printer.
  • To remove any dirt or debris from the contacts on both the cartridges and the printer, gently clean them with a lint-free, dry cloth while being cautious not to scratch them.
  • Change the printer’s cartridges.
  • Restarting the printer
  • Try printing one more.
  • Any problems you might have had with soiled contacts or microchips should now be resolved.

Do you still encounter the HP Printer 55 error? Ask an expert for help!

Do not worry if you have tried the procedures listed above and your HP printer device is still giving you the 55 Error HP Printer. Instead, ask the professional’s opinion. Professionals are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to solve and troubleshoot difficult problems effectively. Throughout the USA, the HP repair Service Center crew is always accessible to offer its services to fix technical issues with HP printers and other devices.

Call us right away at our toll-free number if you need prompt and dependable support for an HP printer!

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