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How Do I Setup My Canon Printer?

Canon Printer Setup

Seeking professional guidance can be of great help in setting up your Canon printer quickly and successfully. Experts at Canon Service Center USA know exactly backward and forwards about all the procedures one needs and can help with hassle-free Canon Printer Setup at home or the office.

So, if you have just bought a new Canon printer and facing difficulty during its setup or installation, don’t feel the blue. We ensure that your printer setup journey will be like a walk in the park under our expert’s belt. 

Read this full article to learn about the Canon Setup Printer on Windows, Canon Printer Setup Mac, Canon Printer Setup Android, Canon Printer Setup Wi-Fi, and so on.

To start with Canon Printer Setup, take into account the following points carefully:

Canon Printer Setup, take into account the following points carefully:
  • Unbox the Canon Printer with utmost care.
  • Properly install the Ink Cartridge.
  • Identifying appropriate software to install.
  • Install the necessary printer drivers and software correctly.
  • Ensure your Canon Printer and System are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • And finally, check your firewall setting to ensure it is not blocking the printer driver.

Have you finished with the above tips? Let’s take a look at how one can unbox the newly purchased Canon Printer for setup and complete installation.

Get Started with Canon Printer Setup and Installation

Get Started with Canon Printer Setup and Installation

Setting up your Canon Printer is quite easy and takes the following steps:

  1. Unboxing Canon Printer
  2. Installation of Print Head
  3. Installation of Ink-Cartridge
  4. Canon Printer Driver Download and Installation
  5. Method to Connect Canon Wireless Printer (WPS Connection)
  6. Canon Pixma Printer Wireless Setup on Windows Computer
  7. Canon Pixma Printer Wireless Setup on Mac
  8. Methods to Set up Canon Printer on Android via a Wi-Fi Connection
  9. Methods to Set up Canon Printer on Android via a p2p Connection
  10. Fix Canon Printer Setup Issues with Comprehensive Support from Certified Experts in your Town

1: Unboxing the Canon Printer

Begin by carefully taking the printer out of the box and assembling all the related accessories such as ink cartridges, power cords, installation CDs & printer setup manually in one place.

Follow the steps for unboxing:

  • Place your Canon Printer on a flat and horizontal surface.
  • Open the rear access tray and extend the paper support.
  • Open the front tray, and extend the output tray extension.
  • Remove all the packing materials, tapes, stickers, and adhesives from your printer.

{Caution: Check the printer manual to ensure you are not missing any printer components.}

  • Plug the power cord into the back of the printer and another end into the wall outlet.
  • Press the power button to turn on the printer.
  • Set your preferences on the control panel.
  • Take some A4 size printing sheets and load a sufficient amount of paper into the input tray.

2: Install the Print Head

  Canon Printer Setup ,  Install the Print Head

After the first step, it’s time to install the print head.

Follow the steps to install the print head:

  • Take out the print head from its package.
  • Remove the orange protective cap from the print head and discard it.
  • Raise the Print Head Lock Lever firmly until it stops.
  • Insert the print head safely.
  • Push the Print Head to keep it in place, then carefully lower the Print Head Lock Lever.
  • Make sure that the Print Head is installed correctly.

3: Install the Ink Cartridge

Install the Print Head, canon printer setup

Once you are done with unboxing your printer and successfully installing the print head, the next step is to install the ink cartridges that are shipped along with the printer. Let’s see how:

Follow the steps to install Canon ink cartridges:

  • Hold the cartridge by the sides, do not touch the copper contacts, and pull out the orange tape to peel off the protective film and remove the film completely.
  • Insert the ink tank into the right-hand slot and press the mark on the ink tank until it clicks into place.
  • Make sure the ink lamp lights are red.
  • Close the ink cartridge access door.
  • A setup tone will confirm the correct ink cartridge installation.

Great Job! The Canon Printer Hardware Setup is complete!

Now look for Canon Drivers and Software that are compatible with your printer to download and install. So, the next step in this process is to download the necessary up-to-date printer drivers and software and install them using proper instructions.

4: Download and Install Canon Printer Drivers & Software

Download and Install Canon Printer Drivers & Software

To utilize all the functions of your printer or computer, you may need to install the drivers and software that allow it to communicate with your computer.

Follow the steps to download Canon drivers or software:

  • Navigate to Canon’s official website.
  • Enter the model number in the box and search from the search results.
  • You will be redirected to the support page for the model you searched.
  • Scroll down to the “Drivers and Download” section. Choose Operating System, and click “Select” next to the driver you would like to download.
  • Click to “Download”.
  • Now, open the downloaded file, and click “Yes” to continue.
  • In the setup wizard, click “Next”, then “Yes”.
  • Select the USB connection if you’re connecting your printer via a USB cable. Select Network Connection if you use a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Then press the “Next” button.

Now your Canon printer is all set to print, scan, or fax.

Note: You can also use CD/ DVD that may come along with your print machine to extract the software setup file. However, it is preferable to download and install the printer drivers from Canon’s website to get the most recent version of the drivers. Canon Ij(Inkjet) Setup Download

How to Setup Canon Printer to Wifi Easily

Methods to Setup Canon Wireless Printer

If your Canon Printer is Wi-Fi enabled, you can easily set up your Canon Printer to the Wi-Fi network. The Canon Printer and a commanding device are connected to each other via a shared connection or Wi-Fi. Therefore, it is essential to connect the printer to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.

Below are some easy instructions to guide you in completing Canon Printer Setup Wi-Fi:

Steps for Canon Wireless Printer Setup:

Before proceeding with the steps, ensure your Wi-Fi router has a WPS button. Also, the router must use WPA or WPA2 security protocol.

  • First, ensure your printer is powered on.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi router using the WPS button.
  • Next, go to the “Printer Home” page from the touch screen and press and hold the “Wi-Fi” button.
  • Choose “LAN Wireless Setup” and click the “Ok” button.
  • The printer will start searching for the access point of the Wi-Fi network.
  • Choose the “Wi-Fi” network.
  • Tap the “Wi-Fi Access Point” and provide the WPA key.
  • Type the “Wi-Fi” password & press the “Ok” button.
  • A successful connection between your printer and the Wi-Fi access point will take some time.
  • Your Canon printer also will connect at this point automatically.
  • After a successful Canon Printer Setup Mg3600, the power, and the Wi-Fi light will stop flashing and remain lit.

Canon Pixma Wireless Setup on Windows Computer

Canon Pixma Wireless Setup on Windows Computer

Are you struggling to set up your Canon Pixma Printer Wirelessly on your Windows device? Here are some easy steps to help you do the task without any trouble. Let’s see how:

Steps for Canon Pixma Wireless Printer Setup on Windows:

  • Firstly, connect your Canon printer to Wi-Fi.
  • Download Canon drivers and software as mentioned above.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file and complete the installation process. 
  • To start with setup, press the “Windows + R” key together on the keyboard. A Run command box will open up on your screen.
  • In the Run dialog box, type “Control/ name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters” and click “Ok”.
  • The “Devices and Printers” folder will show up on your screen.
  • Click the “Add a Printer” button and follow the instructions that appeared on the screen.
  • Complete the process and click “Ok”.
  • Your Canon Pixma Wireless Printer Setup on Windows is complete now. Print a test page and start using your printer.

Please contact our experts if you need assistance with your Canon Printer Setup Pixma. We are available to assist you at any time.

How to Connect a Canon Pixma Wireless Printer to Your Mac Device Very Easily

To set up Canon Pixma Wireless Printer on your Mac device, follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps for Canon Pixma Wireless Printer Setup on Mac:

  • First, turn on your Mac device and Canon Printer.
  • Then, connect your Canon Printer to Wi-Fi as discussed above.
  • Go to Canon’s official website to download the latest drivers available and complete the installation process.
  • Now, navigate to the “Apple” menu and choose the “System & Preferences” option.
  • Next, choose the “Printers and Scanners” option.
  • Then, tap the “+” sign option to add the printer.
  • In the pop-up menu, choose your printer and tap on the “Add” button.
  • Once your printer is successfully added, you can see the printer’s name on the left side of your screen.
  • Hurray! you have successfully set up your Canon Pixma on your Mac.

Are you facing issues in carrying out the above procedure? It’s obvious to get in trouble for the non-tech savvy. Don’t hesitate and connect immediately with experts to ask for Canon Printer Setup Mac.

How to Connect a Canon Printer to Your Android Device Very Easily

Do you want to take printouts from your smartphone? Are you looking for a quick way to print from Android Phone to a Canon Printer? You’ve come to the right place. Canon printers have a plethora of fascinating features, the most notable of which is the ability to print from your Android phone directly to your printer. Here are some quick and simple steps for connecting your Android phone to a Canon printer:

Canon Printer Setup Android can be done in two ways –

  • Using a Wi-Fi connection, or
  • Using a p2p connection.

Let’s look at how to wirelessly print photos and documents from your smartphone to a Canon printer.

Steps to Connect Canon Printer to Android via a Wi-Fi Connection:

Steps to Connect Canon Printer to Android via a Wi-Fi Connection
  • Go to “Google Play Store” to download Canon Print App for Android or the “App Store” for iOS devices.
  • Install the app and ensure the printer is plugged in and switched on.
  • Make sure the printer’s Wi-Fi signal is flashing in blue light with the online lit.
  • Start the Canon Printer App.
  • On the main screen, click “Add Printer”.
  • Navigate to “Register Printer” and then “Printer Setup”.
  • Select the connection via the wireless router option.
  • Select the name of the access point or wireless network that you intend to use.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi network password and click “OK”.
  • Once the network settings have been sent to the Canon printer, press “Ok”.
  • Confirm that the printer was detected, and then select the printer’s name to connect your device to it.
  • Finally, press “Ok” to confirm and run a test print.

How to Connect Canon Printer to Phone via a p2p Connection

Steps to Connect Canon Printer to Android via a p2p Connection
  • First, select direct connection on the mobile portal.
  • Go to the app’s scanner, scan the QR code and then follow the instructions given.
  • Pair your Android phone with the printer via Bluetooth.
  • You can also use Near Field Communication (NFC) to connect your smartphone or tablet to the Canon printer.
  • However, additional phone accessories are required for this procedure.

Fix Canon Printer Setup Issues with Comprehensive Support from Certified Experts in your Town

Hopefully, this effort of collecting all the necessary information to set up the Canon Printer on different devices can be helpful to you. In any situation, you feel like in trouble and need an expert’s assistance, never hesitate to call our team to take help and troubleshoot the Canon Ij Setup Download issue. Our team of professionals can assist you to drive the best solution for all your printer setup problems and keep your gear in its peak operating condition.

Need help with Canon Printer Setup Ts3522? Canon Service Center USA can aid you in installing, configuring, updating, and upgrading your printing machine and associated software, as well as resolving issues and error messages that may be interfering with its smooth operation.

You can count on our award-winning services for all your Canon Printer Services and troubleshooting problems that may hinder your Canon Printer Setup.

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